Drones y Motos

Drones y Motos

Drones y Motos

The future is here!!!

The world of drones is in full growth. Now it is possible to buy drones that follow you while you ride your bike!


Record videos and take pictures while you enjoy your favorite sport is certainly something that more than one excited us!

If you want to keep up to date with the new drones coming to the market as well as the latest news about this exciting world, you can visit websites like


And if you do not have a drone that follows you, you can always buy ..................... a drone bike !!!

A Russian company called "Hoversurf" created a "flying motorcycle" from the technology used for drones.
It is a vehicle that combines the seat of a motorcycle with four propellers. Thus, the "moto" flies in a similar way as a drone does. The model, called Scorpion, is available to buy on the company's site.


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