If you still have questions after reviewing our answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please contact our Customer Services Team, using the following link to the Customer Enquiry Form. 

Placing an order

Is it safe to order online?

YES! All purchases made in our online store are 100% safe.

Your bank details are protected and encrypted by the most advanced technology. Making it much safer to send your data to the Secure Server of banks to pay at a gas station, restaurant, etc. Your bank details will be forwarded to our server in encrypted form via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and transmitted in an environment completely safe at our bank. We do not record this information at any time.

How I can choose a product by manufacturer, size, price etc?

This is very simple and useful when using our website, and at all times be able to choose between a general search or limit the search to specific manufacturers, specific sizes, specific price etc.

It's simple, you simply click on any of the main menus, helmets, jackets, pants, gloves etc. Once you charge the page you can see how on the left side you will find various menus concerning manufacturer, size and price. Simply select the search option that best suits your needs.

What countries ships and how much it costs each shipment?

To view these options just do click here

How I can make an order?

We strive to make to order it as easy and efficient as possible. You need to check our selection of articles or use the internal search engine to find what you're looking for.

When you find the item you were looking for, click the button "add to cart" on the details page item to add it to your shopping cart. When you're on the page of the shopping cart, you will see a list of the items you've added. You can make any changes you want, such as: changing the quantity of an item, or remove an item from your cart. If you want to continue shopping click on the "continue shopping".

Once you've added to the shopping cart all the items you want, you must complete the Personal Data Form and select the desired payment.

If you have already made a purchase on our site, just put your last name and your email address as your personal information is already registered in our database.

If you are a new customer, you must fill out Form Personal data: name, email, address, zip code, city (population selected from the dropdown list) province and a contact telephone number. The country is detected automatically by our IP locator service to avoid possible errors on your country shipping order.

At the end you will automatically appear on screen confirmation of your order and send you a confirmation email with all the details of your order.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact our Customer Service using the following Customer Form. Our Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

How I can see what I have in my cart?

To view the contents of your shopping cart, click on the "see my basket" button at the top right of your screen.

How I can add new items in my cart?

To add a new item in your shopping cart enter the amount you want, and then click the button "Add to cart". If you want to change the amount of any product from your shopping cart, change the number in the "quantity" box. You will see that the price of the item will change accordingly.

To continue shopping click the button "continue shopping" .The Shopping Cart reminds you the items you've chosen. Look for any other items without losing the contents of your shopping cart. When you're done with the purchase, click the button "I Checkout".

How I can change the quantity of an item in my basket?

First you must click the button "view basket" button on the top right of your screen. This allows you to view all the items you've chosen and the quantities of each product you want. To change the quantity of a particular item, you change the amount listed in the "quantity" field and choose the number you want. Once you've made the change, you will see the item's price proportionately.

How I can know that the order was successful?

After completing the purchase process will appear on your screen an order confirmation with all the details of your purchase, your shipping address and the items you've chosen. Please print your order confirmation as proof.

You will also receive an order confirmation by email that will be the proof that we have received your order. (Please make sure you have written your email address correctly so we can send the order confirmation).

Do I need an email address to order online?

When you place an order with us for the first time an email is necessary. In this way we can send you confirmation of your order and keep you informed about the shipment or any incidence of your purchase.

We also send by mail the news about our products or offers and confirmations of payments or refunds made by you.

How I can know if an item is in stock?

You can check the availability of a product very easily in the detail page of each product in the shopping cart.

IMPORTANT If the item is not on our website or in the data sheet the message "Out of this article is no longer available", you can not buy that particular item.

How do I know my size?

Our "box size" will help you determine which size you need to buy. The carvings of men, women, children and accessories find them in our "Size box." We advise how to measure yourself properly so you can be sure to buy the right size. To view Size Table click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page. "Table Size"

Will I receive an order confirmation with my data?

YES! You only need to enter your email when you place your order. Once you have completed your order an order confirmation page will open with all the details of your purchase. You will also receive an email order confirmation.